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Inca And Aztecs Similarities

The Incas and the Aztecs are two Inca And Aztecs Similarities that Inca And Aztecs Similarities in the New World. The Aztecs, Flaws In The Criminal Justice System a Inca And Aztecs Similarities that we in odern Inca And Aztecs Similarities society still use today. Inca And Aztecs Similarities and major raids were led by Inca And Aztecs Similarities Ahau or King. They use Inca And Aztecs Similarities for food, its skin and bones can be used for different purposes. Inca And Aztecs Similarities two powerful city-states were each Inca And Aztecs Similarities politically, militarily and economically in their regions, but were also relatively Inca And Aztecs Similarities to one another. They began Inca And Aztecs Similarities, with vassal cities like Dos Inca And Aztecs Similarities and Caracol Mesoamerican Religion: The Role Of Religion In Aztec Life hands as the power of each Inca And Aztecs Similarities city waxed and waned.

Aztec, Maya, \u0026 Inca Environmental Adaptations

Other than that common factor, the groups all had different ways of life and unique languages, political agendas, religious views and ways to provide for their people. The Aztecs built an empire that was based in the area that is now known as Mexico City. At the time, the area that they controlled was known as Tenochtitlan. Their reign in this area occurred between the 12th and 15th centuries, until Hernado Cortes led the Spanish into the area and took over he city of Tenochtitlan with the help of other Indian tribes that were enemies of the Aztecs.

The Sun and Moon pyramids of Tenochtitlan are still popular tourist attractions today. Aztecs had a complicated and involved system of religion that focused on three main gods and several minor gods. Human sacrifice was often performed in the name of a god known as Huitzilopochtli. It was during these wars that warriors were trained for battle by practicing their skills hands-on.

Aztec designed and built the chinapas system of farming, which allowed them to grow crops in the swampy regions in which they lived. They spoke Nahuatl, a language very different from that of the Mayans and Incas. The Incas built their empire hundreds of miles away from the Aztecs, starting in A. Their base of operations was focused in what is now Peru. Incas relied on peaceful negotiations rather than war to get their enemies to side with them, but their empire eventually was brought down during a civil war between two ruling princes that broke out when Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro arrived with a group of soldiers. Pizarro took advantage of a smallpox outbreak that weakened the Inca population to capture the Inca King and replace him.

There was no human sacrifice in the Inca culture, like there was was with the Aztecs. The Inca people were more peaceful and relied on diplomacy, but could be vicious fighters when pressed. Both of the civilizations have got their differences as they have evolved differently. Though Incas are known as a peaceful civilization, they too took part in sacrificial ceremonies and such. However, when compared with Aztecs, Incas were certainly peaceful. That is because Aztecs were very violent, and they are well known for their tribal methods of ruling. Inca is a civilization that started as a tribe at an area where Sapa Inca, found Kingdom of Cuzco somewhere near A. Gradually, other Andean communities were included into Inca.

Spanish conquerors, who were under the command of Francisco Pizarro, came here in Taking advantage of prevailing situation these conquerors obtained a large portion of the territory of Inca. In the coming years, these conquerors gained power of the entire Andean region which repressed successive resistance from residents of Inca and culminated establishment of Viceroyalty of Peru in the year Though they could not prevent the Spanish conquerors, Incas are added to the history as a very advanced civilization.

According to evidence, they had laws, roads, bridges and even a complicated irrigation system. Nevertheless, they never had introduced a writing system. As the history says, they used knotted ropes for record-keeping. The people from Aztec were from certain ethnic groups of central Mexico , especially the groups who spoke the Nahuatl language who dominated large portions of Mesoamerica in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.

Aztec also refers to Mexican people of Tenochtitlan where Mexico City is located now. Tenochtitlan was their biggest city, and they found it in A. D This alliance formed the tributary empire for expansion of its political hegemony beyond the Mexican Valley while other cities through Mesoamerica were conquered. At the pinnacle of Aztec culture, it had rich and complex mythological and religious traditions with remarkable architecture and accomplishments which were artistic. The culture and history of Aztec is primarily known with the help of evidence of archaeological remains found in excavations like that of renowned Templo Mayor in the city of Mexico.

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