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Ptsd In Soldiers Heart By Gary Paulsen

The therapeutic process involves self-reflection and contemplation in identifying how you function in your Ptsd In Soldiers Heart By Gary Paulsen. Former FDA commissioner says social distancing rules were arbitrary Ptsd In Soldiers Heart By Gary Paulsen made up ». Other Cities : Virtual sessions available throughout Alberta. I am a registered psychotherapist working in Newmarket Ontario. Address : Pharisees Arguments In Rabbinical Research Rd. Call Ptsd In Soldiers Heart By Gary Paulsen email to book your FREE Ptsd In Soldiers Heart By Gary Paulsen consultation. I also have experience working with traumatic and Ptsd In Soldiers Heart By Gary Paulsen unexpected death. Address Acetic Anhydride Reaction Lab Report Carling Ave. Please contact me and we can discuss your needs in more Ptsd In Soldiers Heart By Gary Paulsen.

Soldier's Heart (2020) - post-Civil War Short Film

Nancy offers mental health therapy for teens and adults with symptoms of stress, anxiety, panic, anger, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Injury. Address : Bruce Rd. Maggie Davidson has experience working with adults, children, and adolescents. EMDR is an effective technique for managing many emotional challenges. Maggie is also trained in Flash Technique, a minimally intrusive EMDR technique that does not require the client to consciously engage with the traumatic memory.

Maggie offers individual and family counselling. She also offers a social skills group for children and adolescents with Autism or other social skills deficits. A sliding scale is available for low income clients. During her studies she placed an emphasis on learning about the impact of intergenerational trauma and ongoing experiences of trauma on individuals, families, communities, cultures, and the role of the therapeutic relationships in renegotiating these injuries in order to find healing.

Melinda has focused on building a foundation of anti-oppressive practice and has specialized training in Somatic Experiencing, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Dialectical Behavioir Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing. Melinda's approach is grounded in her belief that relationships and social engagement are integral to our experience of ourselves and the world; that cultivating curiosity and awareness is essential in change; that our bodies are wise, are programmed for healing, and need to be acknowledged and included in order to process our experiences; that we all have a longing for meaning and purpose; and that pain is a part of the human experience but suffering does not have to be.

It is her view that therapy is an exploration of difficulties and suffering, a celebration of coherence and success, an opportunity to enhance personal awareness, to integrate new understanding, and is a joyful process. Trauma, Separation and Divorce I am a certified EMDR therapist and have been practicing as a counsellor and mediator for more than 25 years. COM Phone : Website : portreecounsellingcompany. I believe therapy is a place for individuals to learn more about themselves, their feelings, experiences, and fears in a way that is safe and empowering.

We all have emotional wounds and self-limiting beliefs from our past that need to be addressed and healed in order to move forward. Attending to the patterns we have developed from these early experiences are an important part of the therapeutic process in order to create meaningful change. My goal with each client is to work together as a team to develop an understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, which can then help the healing process and elicit positive changes. I approach the therapeutic process as a collaboration between the therapist and client with an emphasis on establishing trust, honesty and openness. Each person has their own story to tell and can benefit greatly from sharing that story in a safe space.

My own experience in therapy has provided me with the insight of what it feels like to be on the other side as a client and any fears or anxieties that may come along with it. I would love to work with you on anything that is keeping you stuck. Lifelong concern for the distressed and disadvantaged led me to the art of healing through the science of Psychology. My approach is to understand from your perspective, the difficulties you are experiencing, and how they are affecting your life.

I then use an integration of therapy models tailored to your needs, to help you find relief from distress and a sustainable resolution. I am trained and practiced in psychodynamic, EMDR, emotion focused, cognitive and sensorimotor therapeutic modalities as well as mindfulness skills. I also have extensive experience in resolving trauma and PTSD, particularly those related to childhood abuse and domestic violence. Years of practice, within psychiatric hospital settings, have provided valuable experience with a wide range of mental disorders.

Treating Post Traumatic Stress, Dissociative Identity, Bipolar, Major Depressive, Anxiety, Schizophrenia and Borderline Personality as well as keeping abreast of leading edge research have provided perspective and informs all of my practice. Every person is different. Because of this, Stefan adapts his approach for each client. The following are a few of the primary theoretical approaches and models you may encounter in your sessions, each grounded in solid research. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy: EMDR was developed by US psychologist and educator Francine Shapiro, and has been found to be very effective in the treatment of traumatic stress and other mental health conditions.

EMDR is based on the idea that clients' symptoms are often due to incomplete processing of disturbing life experiences. EMDR is a method that allows for memory processing and integration of traumatic experiences, allowing you to be more adaptive in facing present and future challenges. Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Developed by Drs John and Julie Gottman, and based on decades of research, this method of couples therapy provides you with a roadmap for managing conflicts, deepening friendship and intimacy, sharing your dreams and life purpose, and building a sound relationship.

The Gottman method helps couples to develop antidotes to harmful communication patterns, and heal past hurts while minimizing relapse. Narrative therapy: This respectful, non-blaming approach centres the client as the expert in your own life and helps you re-author painful narratives that no longer serve you. Narrative therapy sees problems as external to the client and assumes that you have existing resources, abilities and skills that can help resolve the problems you face. Two key principles of narrative therapy are continued curiosity, and the courage to ask questions for which you do not have the answers. Narrative therapy emphasizes how our social environment shapes the stories we tell ourselves, for better or for worse.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT : CBT is an evidence-based psychotherapy with a proven track record in treating depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship difficulties, and a range of other mental health issues. This form of structured therapy is based on the principles that psychological problems are in part the result of unhelpful thinking patterns, and are aggravated by learned or unhelpful behaviours. From a CBT perspective, people's suffering can be treated by learning better coping skills and transforming self-limiting beliefs. Irene has a deep passion for her work, and strives to provide a warm and client centered environment, with her focus on strengths while exploring solutions.

I started my career working in a trauma centre hospital, supporting patients and families in a time of sudden and unexpected injury and crisis. I have transitioned to a private practice working with children, individuals, families, and couples counseling in the community using a variety of modalities including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing EMDR with a trauma-informed and strengths based approach. My hope is to support those who have been negatively impacted by trauma and provide resources, support, and relief from the emotional and physical after-effects.

I have a Bachelor and Master's Degree in Social Work from UBC and over 20 years experience helping others with mental health, addictions, and relationship issues in a variety of health care, community and social service settings. When you come in for counselling support, I start by creating a relaxed atmosphere where you feel safe and reassured that you've found someone who can help you truly face the issues you're experiencing. Sometimes, the stress of life can be overwhelming and your world becomes very narrow. We will work together as a team to develop the skills and flexibility you need to not only improve how you function but to actually enjoy all that home, work, and the rest of life brings to you.

Each person and couple I work with is unique and as such, I utilize a variety of different treatment methods based on what will work best for you. You will always be well informed of what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how this will lead to long lasting improvements in your quality of life. Looking for a counsellor is the first big step!!! Address : 30th Ave. My fields of expertise include anxiety, trauma, transitions, and depression.

I have been in practice for 7 years. My approach is humanistic and collaborative, and I believe that client is the expert on themselves. I am also Cree Metis, and am waiting for approval for my status registration. I have been a clinical social worker for 16 years. I have worked in a variety of settings: inpatient mental health, long-term care, intensive home-based programs for children and youth, outpatient counselling, and currently work full-time in private practice specializing in treating complex trauma. I am familiar working with eating disorders and substance abuse. Raised with an anti-racist view, born in Spain speak fluent Spanish , with Asian Syrian and Korean parental influences. I am a member of the OACP, and NIHB Non-Insured Health Benefit insurance has approved me as a therapist, so all 1st Nations populations with a band number have a seamless billing experience; the therapeutic services are fully covered and we will bill the insurer directly.

Located in Airdrie, Alberta and serving Airdrie, Calgary, and the surrounding areas. I am a Registered Psychologist, Registered Play Therapist, and Canadian Certified Counsellor with nearly 20 years of education and experience in working with children, youth, young adults, and families. Susan Doiron began her career as a counselling therapist in She has been in private practice for 14 years and during that time she has worked children, youth and adults.

She has extensive training and experience as a trauma therapist. She offers daily and some evening appointments. EMDR is an effective, research-based therapy that can assist clients in working through trauma, chronic pain, addiction, anxiety, and even help with performance enhancement. Kirstin takes a client-centered approach utilizing a holistic wellness model. She believes the foundation to good therapy starts with rapport and the therapeutic relationship between client s and counsellor.

She works with all age groups and has experience with individual, couples, and family therapy, as well as facilitation of support groups and workshops. She has experience helping clients work through trauma complex and simple , PTSD, mental health disorders, depression, anxiety, separation, parenting and grief. Psychodynamically and relationally-informed integrative psychotherapy for adult individuals who have experienced childhood interpersonal trauma and abuse, neglect, developmental and attachment disturbances, acute trauma, dissociation including dissociative disorders. Clinical Psychologist based in Toronto, Ontario. I have a special interest in trauma, and the mental health of humanitarian aid workers.

More information can be found at julietdonald. Address : ,Boul. Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. I am a Registered Social Worker RSW and psychotherapist, providing the highest quality of client-centred psychotherapy and counselling services. For the past ten years I have gained experience working in clinical hospital settings, community settings, private practices, and clinical research in both Canada and the United States. I am passionate about helping clients gain a deeper insight and understanding of their experiences. I have developped a passion for helping many types of survivors of sexual abuse a little bit more than 35 years ago.

One of the most important part of my mission is to help people unblock and unlock their full potential for Wise Intimate Connections. When trauma appear to be taking over the Mind and the body, it slows the optimal process rigth down. EMDR has been helping giving people their life and intimacy back since I started in following the workshop with Roger Solomon after he visited us in Sudbury for a workshop on Crisis Intervention. Address : Woolwich St. I've been a practicing therapist since with a special interest in complex trauma and attachment relationships. I assist clients with the internal and interpersonal work of identifying and developing resources, and building healthier relationships.

If my practice is full, I do my best to provide referrals to assist people in reclaiming their minds, bodies, relationships, and lives from trauma. Go to www. Language s : English Population s served : Adults Email : don allofyou. Address : , ave. Fatina approaches her practice with non-judgement and acceptance to meet you where you are and determine your individual needs. Following graduate studies in , Fatina continued to train in Canada and the U. Known as a leader in applying research to her practice, Fatina teaches her clients innovative skills for coping with mood, anxiety, personality, psychosis and substance use problems, as well as chronic health conditions, often co-occurring. She has special expertise in trauma, attachment, self-injury, parenting and family conflict.

For 6 years, she worked to stabilise acutely ill children, adolescents and families in an inpatient setting. Fatina is also known for her warm and practical style. She has an ability to create safety within the therapeutic relationship, integrating proven methods to heal the mind and body for meaningful and lasting change. Over the past twelve years I have been growing and learning and developing as a therapist including the past six years where I have worked as a trauma specialist.

I have worked in hospitals, employee assistance programs, treatment centres, trauma therapy centres and this year I launched my own private practice, Ways To Wellbeing. I enjoy using EMDR to help people make sense of overwhelming and traumatic experiences and help them heal. I have taken the Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR training and am excited to continue learning and growing and taking more continued education courses. Other Cities : Online in all B. My name is Gabriella and I am a Trauma Therapist. I recognize that trauma can overwhelm the mind and the body and have devoted my practice to working holistically with people who wish to free themselves from the grips of painful experiences and return to states of safety and empowerment.

I specialize in working with teens and young adults and am available to see clients in-person in Vancouver or online in BC. Address : Vansickle Road Unit 6, St. For over 15 years I have specialized in the area of Trauma and deal with a variety of issues from First Responders, domestic incidents as well as both natural and other disasters. As a registered psychologist, Ms.

Fark provides assessment and diagnostic services to children and adolescents and she provides therapeutic services to children, adolescents, adults, and their families. Fark works from a cognitive-behavioural theoretical framework that incorporates systemic, trauma, attachment and client centered theory, principles and practice. She uses an integrated and process oriented approach to assessment and treatment, striving to be authentic, respectful and ethical always.

Fark keeps abreast of the current literature relating to the effectiveness of various assessment and treatment techniques and adheres to evidence based principles and practice. Althea Psychological Services ltd. Free parking and Calgary transit bus services are available in the immediate area. Since then, I have provided therapy to adults and adolescents for treating PTSD, trauma, sexual abuse, anxiety and depression. In my general practice I apply Strength Based and Solution Focused approach that helps clients to take control of their situation and to find practical solutions to make it better.

I am a registered social worker with over 20 years experience in adult mental health. In I started my journey with EMDR and by I became Certified Therapist and continued to provide EMDR and other adjunctive therapies to adults affected by trauma, both in private setting as well as with military personnel. Other Cities : Lethbridge and Coaldale clients travel to see me in Taber. I opened my private practice Joy Rising Counselling Services in Although I am capable of working with a wide variety of issues, my greatest passion is treating those who struggle with anxiety and depression.

Please see my website for a more detailed description of my background, how I work, fees and location. If you have questions please feel free to contact me at I have been in private practice for almost four years at Bliss Counselling in Waterloo, Ontario. I completed the basic EMDR training in I also offer psychotherapy at OM in Dundas, Ontario. EMDR is a powerful psychotherapeutic approach that has been extremely helpful in shifting limiting beliefs, anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, attachment and grief. It is an honour to be part of my clients EMDR healing journeys. EMDR can help heal childhood wounds, increase self compassion, establish healthy boundaries, repair relationships, build resources and increase one's self trust. I am also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and integrate hypnotherapy with consent to find grounding strategies through-out the EMDR journey.

Have you ever struggled with painful thoughts, feelings, sensations, and memories? You might feel stuck, alone, and in unfamiliar territory right now. I understand how difficult it can be to do this on your own. I am a registered clinical social worker, and my practice is based on honouring your inner strength and wisdom. I have been using EMDR to help people's brains and bodies process experiences that have kept them "frozen" in time without having to talk about the distressing issue in detail. My approach is warm, invitational and supportive. I strive to create a space where you feel heard, seen and welcomed. Address : Bathurst St and Bloor St. Therapy provides a healing, healthy and safe environment to aid in navigating change and forging positive paths in life.

As a bilingual and bicultural therapist with a client-centric approach to therapy, I will help you safely navigate your journey to feel healthier, happier and healed. Welcome to my practice. Address : 38 King St. You set the pace, I provide the guidance. My sessions are focused on teaching and practicing coping skills, and delving into deeper, underlying patterns of emotions and behaviors. Together we will explore what works best for you, and make a plan on how you can start feeling empowered and in control of your life. EN: Issues treated: PTSD, depression, anxiety, relationships, grief, attachment, abandonment, dissociation, and other.

Through my work I believe that compassion and empathy are two of the most important qualities when seeking support. I provide both individual and family therapy. I have worked within this field for over the past 10 years. I hold a variety of office hours within Kitchener and Cambridge evenings and weekends. It was and I remember feeling like I had been around the world and back. The best way to describe my life to that point is that of a winding road, full of hills and valleys, U-turns, and detour routes. My desire to help others is a direct response to having to find my own way through dark and uncertain times.

I am registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and have been practicing for 6 years. I specialize in helping individuals affected by addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. I also assist family members in coping with loved ones experiencing addiction and mental health illnesses. Je travaille avec des enfants, des adolescents et des adultes. Address : —, Portugal Cove St.

I have been in private practice for the last 12 years working with youth, adults, military personnel, persons with disabilities, athletes, families and international students. I also provide services to clients through EAP company programs. I have been in the helping and coaching field for over 30 years. My practice covers areas including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, self esteem issues, parenting, separation and divorce, workplace conflict and harassment as well as cultural adaptation and diversity training.

As a full time clinician my practice offers telehealth, video and face to face counselling. My schedule is Monday to Friday with some evening availability. My areas of expertise include anxiety disorders such as panic, social anxiety, health anxiety, and generalised anxiety , and self-esteem issues. I have a special interest in OCD, adult ADHD, recognising the impact it has on daily functioning, mood, self-esteem, and relationships, and in PTSD following serious illness or surgery, interpersonal violence such as rape, robbery, and homicide, and after MVA's.

I bring warmth, humour, and professionalism to create a supportive environment that facilitates change and growth, so clients can achieve their personal goals. I see adults and children who are overcoming lifelong and recent traumas, and searching for inner peace, and fulfilling relationships. I believe that we are more alike than we think, and that we all have what it takes to be fully alive, vibrant, and joyful. Accompanying others on their healing journey is truly an honour and joy for me. Other Cities : I am regulated in Ontario as well.

I provide virtual care with individuals of all ages. I also provide neurofeedback. Address : - 71 W 2nd Ave. Address : St. My therapeutic principles are: - Understanding the impact of who we are in relationship to others fosters awareness, acceptance, and compassion in counselling, crisis intervention, and client service. We all experience some form of trauma, transition, or life changing event at some point in our lives. Some real life examples may be: a relationship in crisis, trauma, anxiety, divorce, defensiveness, panic, job loss, depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, unresolved grief, or shame. You don't have to wait till everything seems impossible to seek help.

Anxiety, depressive moods, stress take their toll on living a fully engaged life. A series of events causing resentment, anger, fear, hurt, pain, or loneliness can shut down your ability to process emotional reactions and make it harder for you to go through your daily routine. When life becomes too heavy with self-criticism, worry, and self-doubt to talk to friends, partners, or family, then counselling, talking to a professional therapist, does help.

The therapeutic process involves self-reflection and contemplation in identifying how you function in your life. While you cannot change other people, family etc. Address : lake, St. I am a registered psychotherapist working in Newmarket Ontario. I have a Masters in Psychotherapy and Spirituality. I have had a private practice for five years and have also worked with children age 5 and up and adults. I found that EMDR supports my clients with trauma and other issues effectively and efficiently. There is a place for it in so many areas. With children, behaviours at school and home can be from a variety of concerns -from having a new sibling to parents separation to bullying at school. EMDR is very effective at changing behaviours in children. With adults I have found that past traumas - childhood abuse, accidents or other traumatic experiences can create a nervous system response that lingers, defines our behavioural response and impacts our beliefs about ourselves in our adult years and on into our senior years.

Working with the EMDR protocol is like giving the mind and nervous system a cleansing. I am open to working with whatever issues my clients present. I will not always do EMDR as the first and only protocol or treatment type. However, it is most effective for many issues. Sorry I am unable to take new clients at this time. I'm always happy to hear from former clients - would love to hear how you are doing! He brings with him 27 years of experience assisting clients from various cultural backgrounds establish a better sense of who they are and what they want.

As a therapist, I have successfully helped clients heal from traumatic experiences, overcome performance anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and relationship issues. His areas of clinical expertise include trauma, life transitions, anxiety, depression, as well as relationship issues. Address : Colonel Talbot Rd. Address : 30 Kings Rd, St. I completed my doctoral thesis in psychology in the "Research and Intervention" program at Laval University. My doctoral research focused on the challenges of Colombian refugee women living in Quebec City, from the perspective of adaptation to transition, empowerment and identity.

In addition to my specialization in cross-cultural intervention, I practice EMDR eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia, acceptance and commitment therapy ACT , and schema therapy. I also work with First Nations Communities. I offer a healing environment of wholistic therapy acknowledging mind, body, spirit, heart, and emotion. You will find safety, non judgment, and your goals and dreams honored. My experience and those of clients who have found healing, say that self discovery is key. We will explore your inner truth so that your organization of self will direct us to clarity, balance, growth, increased coping skills, happiness, healing, and wholeness.

Counselling is an opportunity for furthering your self development on your life journey. She is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and has been practicing as a counsellor, in varying capacities, since She has over 23 years of experience working in healthcare as a crisis and career counsellor, health educator, researcher in the area of mental health, instructor, and disability care provider. Mission Life Journeys Counselling is committed to providing gentle, effective and compassionate counselling, and training, that incorporates a wide range of modalities to enable individuals, whether personally or professionally, to create and sustain joyful, passionate, meaningful lives.

Genlik is a trauma and relationship expert who is a Doctor of Psychology candidate, a registered social worker RSW , and a registered marriage and family therapist RMFT. He has enjoyed practicing individual, couples and family therapy for many years. Genlik uses evidence-based treatment modalities that have been researched internationally and found to be the most effective approaches to complex trauma, PTSD and relational trauma. The process of healing deep rooted hurts and pains is sometimes challenging. The purpose is to experience the joy of true life, with greater happiness and well being, embracing life to its fullest. I also offer complementary Meditation and Qi Gong classes in Vancouver. I have been in practice for over 25 years.

I've been a registered occupational therapist since and a clinical counsellor since In recent years I have focused my practice in helping people heal from the effects of traumatic experiences, anxiety, insomnia, coping with stress and illness as well as and concerns particular to those in the LGBTIQ communities. I work with people to help them process and heal from the mental, emotional and somatic effects following traumatic experiences such as car crashes, workplace accidents, interpersonal violence, and those who encounter distressing situations in the course of their work such as first responders, and other health care workers including other psychotherapists. My therapy work is informed by the intention to offer an individualized approach to helping each person I meet to adapt, grow and thrive with life challenges.

I have worked with individuals and families for over 20 years in the school system, not for profit agencies and private practice. I work with the impacts of all kinds of trauma including PTSD, attachment injuries, residential school, intergenerational trauma, childhood and domestic abuse, depression, body image, gender identity, accidents, medical trauma, grief and anxiety. I am a trained EMDR clinician and am excited to be offering this researched, evidence based trauma therapy approach to my clients. As a former nurse and teacher I have a unique perspective guiding my work as a therapist. I work from a trauma informed lens and offer counselling to children, teens, and adults from diverse backgrounds.

Wellspring Counselling Inc. Monique has special interest in supporting children who have experienced loss, developmental trauma, and attachment disruption. I practice using a cutting edge model of therapy designed to re-pattern the nervous system and the disorganization in the lower brain centers, areas that are often un-addressed in many current therapy models. In addition to my clinical work. I also provide supervision to other professionals. I specialize in Play Therapy with toddlers, preschool and school-aged children, Family Therapy, and Individual Therapy with adolescents and adults.

I am a caring and empathetic therapist; my primary goal is for you to eventually achieve a more peaceful and happy life. I am a Registered Social Worker with more than 15 years of Psychotherapy and case management experience. I practice EMDR almost exclusively, however, I am integrative, drawing on other therapeutic modalities helpful to my clients' unique experiences and situations. I have experience working with first responders, complex trauma and mood disorders, as well as dissociative disorders. Over the years, I have discovered that with the right assistance, we can be guided to recognize and reconnect with our inner strengths to overcome the difficulties internal or external that we face.

I would be honoured to support you to find peace on your journey through life. Address : Manitoba Dr. I have been practicing as a Mental Health Clinician for over 30 years. My practice is NL Counselling which provides in-person services in Clarenville and surrounding area and virtual services to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador everywhere. Please visit my website to learn more about my practice www. Address : West Hastings St. My expertise is in eliminating anxiety, addiction, depression, trauma in as little as a single weekend. My clients are often creative professionals who find themselves struggling with:. Imposter Syndrome 2. Freezing during confrontations or social events 3. Desire to escape stressful situations 5.

Procrastination 6. Perfectionism 7. Anxiety 8. Difficulty with intimacy 9. Behavioural or substance addictions i. Trauma flashbacks. My clients recognize that in order for their businesses to grow, their career to advance, or to salvage their relationships, they cannot keep doing the same things over and over again, and expect different results. They are ready to change, and are eager to undergo a process that actually works.

For extremely select clients, I offer a complete family legacy reset. Legacy to me is not the assets we leave behind for our children, or the awards in our display cases, or how much money is in our bank accounts, "LEGACY" is the psychological foundation we set for the generations to follow. I have advanced EMDR training in several areas including ego-state work, flash technique, dissociation, and more. I am extremely focused and my approach can be somewhat direct, which includes intuitive coaching. All communication is kept strictly confidential. Grobe has practiced in multiple clinical settings hospital; developmental clinic; public, private and specialized schools providing varied psychological services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

She has a vast experience in special needs and multicultural populations. Grobe deeply enjoys working with individuals of all ages in both public and private practice settings. Registered Psychotherapist, M. Other Cities : North of St. I have extensive experience in working with children, adolescents, and adults assisting them with a range of issues including adjustment and conduct problems, stress and anxiety related problems, depression, anger management, pain management, addictions, and effects of trauma, including PTSD.

I also have worked extensively with couples and families assisting them with relational issues and parenting concerns. My assessment experience includes clinical and psychoeducational assessments, fitness for duty assessments, threat assessments, and court ordered assessments. I am currently registered in Ontario to practice in the areas of Clinical and Forensic Psychology. I am Marie Jakalicia Guignard. When I work with you, my goal is to meet you where you at, and support you in a collaborative way. I have been working in the field of counselling since I have extensive post-graduate training in trauma therapy and the impact of abuse. My expertise is in trauma therapy including working with post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and panic , anxiety, traumatic loss, depression, and life transitions.

I believe that as humans, we are capable of self-growth, healing, and experiencing happiness. I strive to work collaboratively with individuals, assisting them in identifying and working towards their own goals for counselling. I respect the values, strengths, and resources of each individual. I believe each one of us has capacity for resiliency, self-determination, and self-growth.

I believe that often the journey towards healing needs to begin with developing affect regulation skills the ability to gain control over those strong emotions that come on like tidal waves and seem to hijack our rational brain. Once an individual develops the ability to regulate emotion, healing trauma becomes more tolerable, and emotional suffering lessens. I use a multimodal approach according to clients's needs, goals and preferences. I provide brief and depth psychotherapy to help clients in the process of exploring, understanding and resolving current issues and addressing the underlying issues that may keep them from moving forward, feeling stuck, depressed, anxious, confused, hopeless or discouraged.

I am a Clinical Instructor at Adler School of Professional Psychology and a Clinical Supervisor for Graduate Students at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority where I provide individual counselling and facilitate trauma, addictions, cognitive behavioral and art therapy groups. I have experience working with clients with Trauma of all descriptions early childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse, birth trauma, vehicular accidents, cults, witness to violence. I work with adolescents and adults. I have utilized EMDR therapy in a myriad of client presentations with success resolution of grief, disordered eating, personal and work relationship issues, anxiety, PTSD from early trauma and from accidents.

In addition, I have practiced EMDR during couple's therapy and for transforming negative beliefs of the self with both adolescents and adults. Address : rue Main St. I have been practicing psychology for 17 years. My fields of expertise are: clinical psychology, school psychology, health psychology, and neuropsychology. My office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Patti engages in a respectful, competent, client-centred approach to therapy and assessment.

I am currently practicing exclusively virtually, however, via a telehealth platform. Clair College completed concurrently. I decided to pursue my Masters in Counselling Psychology several years later, and graduated from Yorkville University in I am a daughter, sister, mother, wife, volunteer, teacher, and therapist. I have always had a passion for helping others through challenges that they are facing and I believe strongly in the saying "You are the designer of your destiny; you are the author of your story.

Please reach out to me today via call, text, or email, or visit my website to find out more about who I am, what I do, and how I may be able to help you. I am an EMDR therapist with additional specialized training in couples therapy, trauma, mindfulness, and hypnotherapy. My work is client-focused and therefore heavily reliant on strong therapeutic relationships. In I moved my private practice from Lethbridge to Calgary.

As I am in a 'rebuilding' phase, new clients are welcome and I am generally able to accommodate most. I truly love what I do and I'm excited to get busy supporting a whole new community of individuals on their journey towards healing and personal growth. Michelle is a Registered Psychologist College of Alberta Psychologists AB with over 25 years experience providing professional counselling and therapy to adolescents and adults.

Michelle specializes in working with people affected by chronic stress and trauma, and is trained and and certified in EMDR a research informed treatment for trauma and other negative life experiences. Michelle enjoys working with professionals and first responders affected by work related stress, compassion fatigue or PTSD. Address : 32 First St. Address : 62 Roslyn Rd. I invite you to enter my website, read about my experience and approach, and download the " free" audio's. I have experience working in a variety of settings including school based counselling, community work with disabilities, and mental health.

I have a passion for working with children, adolescents, adults, and groups through creative and personalized approaches. Address : 1st. Bettina is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who provides a safe, compassionate and comfortable space for individuals and couples to explore their needs. Bettina has helped people for 25 years, understand themselves better individually and in relationships, so they can move towards having the life they truly want. Many clients can be seen through their Employee Assistance Programs. Registration Please call for more information. Address : King St. Other Cities : Virtual sessions available throughout Alberta. Kirsten has been supporting adults, teens, and children in BC and Alberta for fifteen years.

She provides therapy to individual clients and couples. Kirsten works with clients across the lifespan with diverse sexual and gender identities. Kirsten strives to create an open, safe and non-judgmental environment for all of her clients in which to explore their thoughts, feelings, and needs. Her therapeutic style is warm, accepting, collaborative, and inclusive. Kirsten specializes in counselling clients of all ages impacted by trauma, sexualized violence, childhood abuse, and domestic violence.

Kirsten also has a heartfelt interest in working with individuals and couples impacted by infertility and reproductive health issues, aiming to compassionately support them in their journey and to reduce their feelings of isolation. I will update this site when times become available. My supervisor had completed the training and allowed me to observe some of her sessions. I was impressed with the results she and her clients were reporting. I keep up to date on new developments in EMDR therapy through participation in consultation groups with colleagues, consultees, my own individual consultation, ongoing training, and by faithfully listening to the "Notice That" and "Beyond Trauma" podcasts. I have personally gained so much relief from EMDR as a client and have been using it successfully with my own clients who have experienced small "t" traumas to large "t" traumas since I have advanced training in structural dissociation; complex trauma and attachment issues.

I have been an anti-racist activist for over thirty years and continue to explore how my location in the world affects how I see myself and others and how our lived experiences vary depending on ability, gender, race, age, class, size. I am passionate about learning and helping clients to feel liberated by oppressive experiences that have impacted how people see themselves and their experiences. My goals in life and in work are to embody the journey that I passionately encourage people to take with me throughout the counselling process. I waited the required three years after graduation and then completed level I February and level II June My goal as a therapist and teacher is to help each person clear up the way they perceive and relate to themselves and the world around them.

This means helping people to process difficult memories and experiences; heal relationships; reduce stress and anxiety; improve health, well-being, self-esteem and self-confidence; and develop and enhance self-nurturing practices. I find freedom in my Buddhist meditation practice and in my faith as a Christian. I gather strength, experience and training from studying and learning from the world's religions as well as the world's great philosophers, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

I have a passion for reading and watching films and can often suggest the right book or the right film to meet the needs of people who seek my services. I am very well connected in the community and can assist people in making connections with others outside of the work we engage in together. Similarly if there is not a strong connection between us, I am very willing to refer you to someone who may be a better match for what you are looking for. Address : Ste. Catherine St. I have been in private practice for over 30 years and have been working with EMDR for over ten of those years.

I work with both individuals and couples and specialize in depression, anxiety, trauma, and burnout. I have found EMDR to be extremely helpful in resolving long-standing issues and relieving symptoms, by healing the wounds caused by trauma that have been held in the psyche for years. I understand trauma to be any situation that has been too overwhelming to process. EMDR is a powerful and efficacious technique to hep the individual to face trauma, digest it, and transform it, so that he or she can go on to live a more fulfilling life.

Address : P. Other Cities : Sault Ste. Marie and approximately 3 hours from Sudbury. I treat PTSD and other traumas, depression, anxiety, grief, and have over 30 years of experience helping individuals and families negotiate life's transitions and stressors. I am a Registered Social Worker in the field since My experience includes working in victim services, mental health sector, academics, research, youth justice, child protection, home care, trauma. More recently my interests lie in understanding the impact of trauma and longstanding stress on the body and mind. It is my belief that healing is a collaborative endeavor that requires honest caring without judgement.

These approaches have led to an effective healing strategy for my clients. I am a registered clinical social worker and have worked in the mental health field for more than 15 years. I use a variety of counselling modalities and look forward to working with you! Please contact my office at to book an appointment! I have been a practicing Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years. I specialize in working with PTSD and other trauma-related problems. I have worked in the field of addiction and mental health since with both youth and adults. In addition to clinical work I have also provided clinical supervision and instructed courses on trauma across the province.

The trauma counsellor who helps you get unstuck, feel like yourself again and get your future back. I am known for intensive EMDR, where we work together for full or half day with short breaks. I have used intensive EMDR both virtually and in office. Clients who do not want to suffer for weeks by doing weekly sessions and want results in days, opt to invest in intensive EMDR. This is normal. And by the end of that first session, something is different.

My approach is to understand the type of trauma you experienced and your goals so we can get to work right away. I understand that counselling is expensive and not everyone has extended health benefits and even if they do, the coverage is enough for limited sessions. My goal is to meet you for the right number of sessions and help you become your own counsellor when you are not with me. I earned my Master of Social Work degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and now have over 25yrs experience providing individual therapy in response to a wide variety of needs and issues. I have a warm, compassionate and non-judgemental presence that will quickly put you at ease and allow you to feel both comfortable and understood by me.

My professional focus has been helping those with a history of trauma childhood or more recent who are struggling with emotional dysregulation, intrusive memories, debilitating anxiety, and interpersonal relationships. I also have expertise in the treatment of depression, grief and loss, stress management, caregiver and parenting issues, coping with illness, and navigating life transitions and challenges. In addition to EMDR, I draw from an eclectic mix of theory, psychoeducation and practical skill development that is specifically tailored to your unique needs.

Daytime and a limited number of evening appointments are available in my comfortable and newly renovated office. Sessions are also available via secure video-conferencing and telephone for added convenience and flexibility. We are located near The Beaches and The Danforth in a warm and friendly environment. Call or email to book your FREE initial consultation. I specialize in working with clients who have survived trauma, are trying to navigate relationship issues, or are struggling with behavioural issues. I am a clinical psychologist working in full-time private practice in the west end of Ottawa.

A full description of my services and treatment approaches can be found on my website kanatasouthpros. Arthur specializes in treating trauma for military, veterans, and first responders. He has experience and expertise in posttraumatic stress disorder, posttraumatic growth, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt psychotherapy, crisis intervention, grief counselling, stress training, individual counselling, crisis management, life transitions, stress management, mindfulness, treatment of depression, self-esteem, pastoral counselling, group therapy, phobias, critical incident stress counselling, Interpersonal Therapy, interdisciplinary collaboration, spirituality, psycho-education, workshop facilitation, public lectures and public speaking.

Address : Dewdney Trunk Rd. When you feel encouraged and supported without judgment, you can continue creating the life you want and need. I work to empower you with the tools for overcoming your difficulties. In my experience EMDR is one of the most powerful tools for resolving trauma and other issues. I'm a mature individual offering individualized psychotherapy for children, teens and adults. My extensive training and experience in individual, marital, and family therapy as well as my social work education have informed my whole-person approach, where I explore individuals and the intertwined complex relationships with their environment and added societal influences people experience in their daily lives.

This holistic approach and my education in different counselling methods help me to identify unique troubles people are facing to create the solution that best fits your individual needs. I'm treating a number of mental health disorders providing a neutral, mindful and safe space to individuals, couples and families for a calm and liberating experience. I'm passionate in helping you find the shining star that you are. EMDR processes memories, reducing their impact and helping clients to develop different coping tools. This is achieved through an approach that addresses the past, present and future aspects of stored memories.

For more information on EMDR please visit www. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT A short term, goal-oriented approach that aims to identify and understand negative thoughts patterns, feelings and behaviours and aims for positive behavioural changes. Trauma-Informed Practice is a strengths-based framework grounded in an understanding of and responsiveness to the impact of trauma.

It emphasises physical, psychological, and emotional safety for everyone, and creates opportunities for survivors to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment. Art therapy combines the creative process and psychotherapy, facilitating self-exploration and understanding. Using imagery, colour and shape as part of this creative therapeutic process, thoughts and feelings can be expressed that would otherwise be difficult to articulate. Narrative therapy is a form of psychotherapy that seeks to help patients identify their values and the skills associated with them. It provides the patient with knowledge of their ability to live these values so they can effectively confront current and future problems. Mindfulness meditation practice is one way to truly experience the current moment and integrate that awareness into your everyday life.

Grief counselling is a form of psychotherapy that aims to help people cope with the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive responses to loss. Grief counselors believe that everyone experiences and expresses grief in personally unique ways that are shaped by family background, culture, life experiences, personal values, and intrinsic beliefs. Address : 6 Duffy Place, St. Registered Psychologist in NL. Whether you are looking for a reduction in your mental health symptoms, strengthened emotional connection, confidence in your parenting, or the peace of mind in being able to trust your own inner wisdom, you are in the right place.

I am pleased to work with adults and couples, and have experience making therapy a "port of entry" for men to engage. I practice by forming a working relationship with you based on respect and trust. I work to understand what has brought you to see me, and to "bring out the issues". We then work together to generate new perspectives on what may hold you back and start taking action towards your goals. I was formerly an trading analyst in the Alberta energy sector and understand how downturns affect workers and their families. I have a specialty in group psychotherapy and structure my groups to be effective spaces for people to achieve their goals. I also have 5 years experience working with veterans and first responders.

Address : 77 Chilco Ridge Pl. Specialties include: Recent traumatic events. Relationship dynamics. Cumulative unprocessed events and wounds. Attachment neglect and trauma from childhood. Preverbal trauma. Chronic anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, depression, PTSD. I provide therapy in English and in French. I incorporate mind-body approaches in my work. For more information please visit my website. Stephen Porges She is a founding partner of the Healing Therapy Alliance HTA and the PsychoSomatic Trauma Initiative in Toronto, which offer collaborative, team-based approaches to healing that are grounded in neuroscience and trauma-specific, evidence informed practices.

Address : 65 Clayton Street R. Address : 8 Alice Street P. Her work is trauma-informed and she specializes in helping her clients to heal from symptoms and emotional distress caused by disturbing life experiences. This includes relationship and work stressors, grief and loss, and trauma of all types, including PTSD and shock trauma, complex PTSD, developmental and attachment trauma, sexual abuse, borderline personality disorder BPD , and dissociative disorders. She also works with mood disorders anxiety, depression , addictions, and problematic anger. Brady has extensive experience working with First Nations people and is trained in Indigenous cultural safety.

Brady also offers trauma-focused equine-assisted psychotherapy equine-assisted EMDR at a Waterford-area farm. Brady works primarily with adults on an individual basis, although she does work with adolescents and couples who have experienced trauma or abuse. Brady is a Gottman-trained couples therapist. She works in a multi-disciplinary private practice in Winnipeg, Canada. Areas of interest include the assessment and treatment of trauma and adverse life events including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder , Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Attention Deficit Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and deliberate self-harm e. She utilizes Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing EMDR , Cognitive-Behavioural, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, short-term Solution Focused, and Mindfulness therapies to treat trauma, stressful life experiences, anxiety, and emotional regulation difficulties to help clients and families lead happier, more successful lives.

I practice from a strengths based and empowerment perspective. I meet clients where they are at and supports them to develop skills, untangle from past experiences and be present and empowered today! Address : Boul. I have been working in the field of trauma since , initially without realizing. The study, published today in Lancet Planetary Health and led by academics and professionals at the University of Bath, Stanford Medicine Centre for Innovation in Global Health, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and others, found that people from countries more directly and immediately impacted by climate change tended to be more worried about the future.

Ninety-two percent of young people in the Philippines said they felt like the future was frightening, compared to just 56 percent in Finland. But young people in the UK and the U. Only 28 percent and 21 percent of young Brits and Americans thought the government could be trusted when it came to the planet — whereas 51 percent of Indians had faith in the authorities. We have that going for us, I suppose. Source; Vice. I turned the news off a year ago and I am so much better without it.

Glen Reynolds at Instapundit has often posted that sending ones children to public schools is more and more like child abuse. The entire bunch needs doing to them what we do to them wild boars down here. Trap and a sharp shank. How come the wild hogs you hunt are more physically fit than the slobs that pass for teachers these days? Humanity is doomed. On a long enough time line we are all dead. How long that time line is, is the only question. I think I will be long dead before all that happens. They keep their children and ours in a constant state of anxiety that is only going to produce even greater numbers of fear-filled neurotics with even more farfetched fantasies to populate the future world.

People have been saying that the world is ending as long as mankind has stood upright. Moral of the story…. This would be an improvement:. Your email address will not be published. Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here. What passes for education these days Mason September 20, 18 Comments. Email Twitter Google Facebook Reddit.

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I work with adults who come with Juiminia Cognitions Ptsd In Soldiers Heart By Gary Paulsen, e. EMDR, to my surprise, was THE modality that relieved me of the emotional distress and skewed self thought related to Ptsd In Soldiers Heart By Gary Paulsen own traumatic life experiences. She works with all age groups and has Similarities Between Sparta And Athens Democracy with Ptsd In Soldiers Heart By Gary Paulsen, couples, and family Ptsd In Soldiers Heart By Gary Paulsen, as well as facilitation of support groups and workshops. My style is compassionate but straightforward.