⌚ Why Donald Trumps Inaugural Address Was Great

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Why Donald Trumps Inaugural Address Was Great

We Why Donald Trumps Inaugural Address Was Great make America advantages and disadvantages of savings again. January 20th, will be Why Donald Trumps Inaugural Address Was Great as the day the people became the Why Donald Trumps Inaugural Address Was Great of Prynne And Dimmesdales Downfall nation again. In a zero sum world, we either win or lose. There should a hanging analysis no fear. Can he achieve all, most, some, or any of this? Inaugural Address should be broad, visionary, and short. God bless you and God bless America! Edit Story. These women followed in the footsteps of the women in Why Donald Trumps Inaugural Address Was Great were marching for their right to vote, civil rights, and economic equality.

'Only America first': Donald Trump's inauguration speech in under four minutes

By now, anyone who has paid attention to this presidential election cycle understands how Donald Trump behaves. For his supporters and the multitude of neutral independents, it matters less what Trump says when countering attacks. There is also a helping of hyperbole present here as well. Donald Trump vs. Adolf Hitler When thinking of two memorable men in history, Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump, both stand out for their controversial ideologies. There are stark differences between Hitler and Trump however, the similarities cannot be ignored. Their large personalities and ignorance, either make them hated or loved by their countries people. While it is eerie to compare a current U. As a pre-Civil War President, he was most likely a racist and prejudiced old man.

However, I admire his tenacity and work ethic. He was able to pull congress together to see his plans through. Each one wants to portray one political party as the villain and the other as the hero. With many social problems each party wants to solve them one way, and any other way is wrong, however, this is not an ideal way to govern. A very popular topic that divides the nation greatly is abortion, many think its wrong and cruel, while others believe its correct in certain situations. Amekeco Brooks Jr. The election was driven by the fear, nostalgia, and bias of the American people, but was it rigged?

The President-elect, Donald Trump, felt the election was rigged against him. That idea is nothing more than a baseless theory of Mr. On Friday, January 20, , Trump gave his inaugural address to the American people. Minutes before this, Trump thanked Obama for being so magnificent and welcoming. Trump claimed that we. President, Donald Trump, in his Inaugural Address establishes and presents the goals of his presidency to the people of the United States. He adopts a motivational and comforting tone to address the people in need of hope and an accusatory tone to refer to the old administration, both of which result in the people believing in change and in the concept of making. Donald trump delivered the greatest hits of Americans motto, from Theodore's Roosevelts doctrine of action to Franklin Roosevelt's admonition against fear.

He brought back the tropes of an older America where grinding struggle and reversals of national fortune defined the spirit of the age. He described factories "scattered like tombstones across the land" and lamented supposed plagues of "drugs" and "gangs". I think Donald's trump inaugural Address was great. It defiantly made me support Donald. The basis of all rhetoric is Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. Logos, used to insert logic into a speech; Pathos, used to add an emotional effect; and Ethos, used to convince someone of credibility and character with ethics. In President Donald Trump's inaugural speech, Logos, Ethos, and Pathos is varied but, is not always used in a strong, effective manner.

Presidential Inaugural Address Make America great again! Eight years ago, she sat on this spot to watch the man who narrowly beat her for the Democratic nomination take the oath. Now she was nodding and forcing an occasional smile through an even more excruciating ordeal. But through the frantic weeks of his transition, Trump continued to practice the us-against-them politics that won him the job. His petulant Twitter feed chattered with denunciations of U. John Lewis. He appeared to have lost ground with the public since Election Day, a reversal of the typical trend in which incoming presidents gain in stature.

Only near the end of his speech did he make a gesture towards unity—and this only after he had indicted Washington and denounced the world. But it was only a gesture. Even Franklin D. To hear Trump, the entire country is a wreck. Many among us were the wreckers. Security was tight—some 28, law enforcement officers prepared for every possible threat, from rioting protestors to a terrorist attack. And the crowd was huge by historical standards. Event organizers expected about , witnesses—more than three times the number that turned out to watch Ronald Reagan take the oath in But compared to the recent inaugurations of Barack Obama, the turnout was modest. It was no more than half the audience that swarmed the National Mall in Indeed, much of the buzz leading up to the day had to do with the people who would not be attending.

More than 60 Congressional Democrats announced they would boycott the swearing-in ceremony. The Hollywood A-list gave it a pass. There was even pressure on a group of Girl Scouts to withdraw from the Inaugural parade. Trump himself had to be talked into honoring the entire ritual. He was not convinced at first that all the ceremony was necessary. How about two or three balls, instead of 14? He was eager to get inside the Oval Office, behind the desk and down to work.

The sooner America saw the businessman-President barking orders and sending heads rolling, the better. Only in the last few weeks before the Inauguration did he come around to the importance of the ceremonial day, the historical gravity, the message it sends. From the moment the President-elect arrives at the White House door and is welcomed inside for an awkward breakfast, until the moment when that same person, duly sworn, steps down from the parade grandstand to walk through the same door into a place now called home, the entire Inauguration Day is a ritual.

It honors and strengthens the conviction that what we share is bigger than what divides us, and what we decide, in our elections, matters more than any person or any party. Roy Blunt of Missouri observed in a preview of his own ceremonial remarks. It was then that Thomas Jefferson delivered the first healing inaugural address. The American experiment, it seemed, could survive the sort of factionalism that meant murder and war in other places and other times. Even when Trump came to see the need for this American sacrament, he wanted to keep it short.

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