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The Lovely Bones Plot

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And then Susie has to go back to heaven. Leaving Ruth, a victim of Susie's power over her body. Imagine that you're Ruth. You wake up. Probably a little tender. In the back of some bike shop. With a man in the shower. That's what I call horror. Not only was she not conscious or aware for any of the immediately preceding events, but the guy who's been really her only friend in the world is now naked and telling her that he screwed her brains out while she was unconscious.

And even if he doesn't tell her that, there's a very short rail of evidence and it all points to that conclusion. And now. She could be pregnant. She could be diseased. The crowning act of love on the part of the tale's heroine is little more than a petty, rapacious act of power over the helpless woman who got in her way. Good job Susie Salmon. You and George Harvey should get along nicely. Not me. This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.

Show full review. Lee Klein. The greatest first 30 pages ever. The worst rest. Haaaaaated it. I am one of those OCD literary nerds who takes on a war bunker mentality with books that I've started and dislike: "I will see this through to the end. Somewhere, sometime, someone told Sebold she could write. That person should be made to apologize to me, in person, and to all other poor souls who were duped into buying this shlock.

The literary press also needs to break out the cattails for a serious bout of flogging. Lev Grossman of Time Magazine is at the top of my flogging docket; he called this book "a beautiful, sensitive, melancholy novel" and repeated that claim a year later in a review for a book called "The Dogs of Babel" a book just as terrible as The Lovely Bones. I can only assume that Mr. Grossman confined his reading to the zeros on the check accompanying the publisher's blurb or else has some sort of vitamin deficiency that causes his brain to process ham-handed tripe as "beautiful" art. It was Mr. Grossman's review along with the alluring premise of the novel a young girl posthumously tries to make sense of the events that led to her death that led me to order "The Lovely Bones" and "The Dogs of Babel," which at the time were only available in hardcover.

Financial reasons made this an extremely uncommon practice for me, and my experience reading both of those novels ensured that I would never do so again. To further illustrate how absolutely wretched this novel is, I'm going to provide a paragraph of background. The "substance" of the novel will be criticized in the subsequent body of this review. During the summer of , I was occupying space as an intern at a company that accepted me at the last minute and had nothing for me to do.

The company was white-collar and behemoth in office space. HR sent me to an deserted floor to file documents that took up, at most, 2 hours of my 8-hour day. Even in this vacuum of monotony, I could not finish this book. I chose to watch paint chip away, and pick up dust bunnies with recycled paper I didn't have a broom rather than finish this book. So with that said, I suppose I should actually mention something specific about the book I hated.

My caveat here is that I am unwilling to punish myself by picking through a copy of the book for textual examples. I'm going by memory and online synopses alone. The narrator and victim is "Susie Salmon. That really should have clued me in, but I was too eager to see how the author would represent the afterlife, to catch a glimpse of this beautiful pain of looking a life that goes on without you. Unfortunately, Sebold managed to bleach out anything remotely interesting out of the plot in spectacular fashion. Heaven is a school, you see, not that Susie spends much time there or learns anything. Her rapist and murderer is a creepy loser while somehow being the dullest of all of Sebold's numerous dull characters.

The "reason" for his murderous tendencies could be guessed by anyone who's ever even heard of a pop psychology book. You'd think her family would at least be interesting in grief, but Sebold reduces them to one note drones. Everything in The Lovely Bones is a gimmick, played cheaply for sentiment and with no other reward. I'd compare to a Hallmark movie, but Hallmark movies do not adopt the pretension that Sebold belabors with terrible pseudo-post-modernist metaphors.

All of this would be bad enough, but what made me throw this book "aside with great force" is the offensive, and unjustifiable resolution to Susie's laments that she did not get to live. This unfairness, although poorly developed, was at least a cause of sympathy until Susie decides to forcibly correct it at the expense of others. In the hands of someone else, this last turn could've been bleak insight into motivations of the cycle of victimization but Sebold conveys not one iota of ambivalence.

Much of my hatred of this novel results from its inexplicable popularity and commendation from people who have a responsibility to promote reading. I shudder to think who else picked up this novel convinced it was the best that the contemporary literary world had to offer. It is not my intention to slam those who enjoyed this book. If you did, I am glad to hear it. I love books, and I want others to love books. I simply fear that someone who is tempted out of a long vacation from reading might pick up a novel like this and give up the cause for lost. I worked at Borders for more than a year and I worked the boring ass registers, usually at night whic was always slow.

I leaned there with my chin in my hand staring at the shelves actually wishing that I could help customers in their purchases. It's purely insane, but I think that's what happens anytime you place someone in any kind of confinement. The thing is that if I wasn't a register girl, I would have constant actual contact with the books themselves. All lunacy aside, one book that I stared at the entire time was this one, cuz it was literally on the number one shelf in the front of the store for a good two years or so.

It sounded interesting and got good critical reviews despite its sucess with the bookish Oprah-watching housewife types. But at the same time I would open it and try. But I just didn't get into it. Last week or so, I was reading a friend's blog and she talked about reading the book and how it was so affecting that she found herself driving to work in complete tears. From then on an invisible seed had been planted. I read it in three nights. Sebold's voice is entirely unique. Never seen it before ever. I think that being allowed into the vision and point of view of another person is probably one of the awesomest feelings ever.

I think that's what it is to be in love, actually. Get in someone's skin, sit in a recliner in a little theatre located behind their eye sockets, and just watch. Not judge, not worry, not affect. Just experience someone who is so not you. Sebold allows this on two levels. She sets you up in the front row seat right next to Susie the murdered and raped 14 year old while she watches her former world from Heaven. But she also delivers this language that is new, original, totally fresh and yet entirely accessible. At 3am. In bed. From a free city library borrow. Her characters are completely amazing individuals, but not unreal or impossible. The way she wrote the book, from Suzie's viewpoint, was definitely some work on her part.

And she pulls it off. What I really enjoyed is the way she would sneak in these little pieces of info - I call them " 'omg, are you serious? She would just be writing a scene, and at an unsuspecting moment she'd just add in a little sentence. And ofcourse, since the story revolves around the grief of the family and the Susie's unsolved case, their are moment of utter thrill as the reader joins the characters in their search for understanding, motive and the killer himself.

Pedophile serial killer George Harvey Stanley Tucci rapes and murders multiple children and escapes justice while the murdered children play happily in a place between Heaven and Earth and watch their families destroy themselves as they attempt to deal with the tragedy of their children's untimely deaths. Sign In. Edit The Lovely Bones Jump to: Summaries 5 Synopsis 1. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Edit page. Top Gap. See more gaps ». Create a list ». Plus, with no distinctive humor and fun banter , what even is this? Sorry, love, we have to stick to the theme and keep it angsty and depressing.

At first, I was going to give this book a three stars myself. But then the floodgates were opened and I grew myself a heart bone. But what if the only way of knowing you grew a heart bone is by feeling the agony caused by the break? Their attraction was swift, but I loved their strong connection, deep conversations, intense interactions, and their heavy with meaning small touches. Basically, I loved how they were with each other. It can be irritating in a book when one character keeps a huge secret. I actually enjoyed this one, and I think the big reveal was worth the wait.

So if you love Beach Read , definitely read this. Something about it just makes you feel. There were so many quotes and passages I wanted to highlight even from the very first page. After the massive disappointment that was Regretting You , this book was a much needed relief. Read as an Audiobook View all 22 comments. Sounds weird, right? Rightly so! This is the story about a girl who has been through poverty and neglect because of an addict parent. This is the story of a girl who has a father far away and who doesn't feel like a father at all. This is the story of a girl struggling for the most basic human needs.

This is the story of a girl who has lived most of her life as an outcast. But things change when she has no other choice than to leave everything else behind and live with her father and his family. There she gets to know her father more, her stepmother, Alana, and her daughter, Sara. There she gets to meet Marcos, Sara's boyfriend, and Samson, a guy who has more hidden secrets than her. This is the story of found family and acceptance. I know the characters aren't our typical romcom fluffy romantic characters as it always have been with CoHo's books.

A young adult romance about revealing the darkest secrets, trying to trust again and defining what family means. The writing is good as always. Never a dull moment but yes, the explicit scenes go on and on and on like it fills up some chapters entirely towards the second half of the book when all I needed was answers and more character development and secret revelations. And yes, it didn't do much in the end. And yes, expect lots of drama towards the end. The only few things that test my patience while reading a CoHo book: 1. Too much focus on sex scenes, details which I do not need 2. Rushed endings at times after a lot of romance in the second halves Yes, 1 and 3 happen in this one.

I do not like how things turn out casual real fast. And yes, the title explanation didn't seem that relevant to me. It was like a heat of the moment talk. That's it. It was put there just for the sake of putting the words there somewhere in between. And the bonding with the almost strangers as family happened too soon. Not probably one of my favs. The characters are a detached lot no matter how much they tried. I am so glad my eyes are okay after all that.

But you know what? Her stories always have wholesome good endings. View all 6 comments. Aug 27, Gabby rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , 4-star-books , favorite-male-characters , favorite-female-characters , liked-it , young-adult , reviewed , contemporary , romance , emotional. Her life seems to be falling apart when her Mother dies of an overdose and she finds herself homeless in the summer after her senior year of high school. So she calls her birth Father who she barely ever see anymore and asks to stay with him for the summer. This is a romance story about two broken people finding 4.

This is a romance story about two broken people finding hope in each other again, as well as a coming of age story. I feel like it's best to go into this book not knowing a whole lot, as I'd say it is for most of Colleen Hoover books. This book is sad and devastating, Beyah experiences a lot of tragedy and hard times at such a young age and these experiences have shaped her as a person. I adored her step-sister Sara in this book, and Samson was frustrating at first but he also grew on me as the book progressed. This book is everything you'd expect from a Colleen Hoover book, it's sad as hell, it'll make you cry, it has dark characters with mysterious pasts, etc.

But some scenes in this book really touched me and I won't forget about those scenes anytime soon. I also loved how he would set an alarm on her phone and they'd watch the sunrise together, that was adorable too. They are having a summer romance but they know they'll be parting ways at the end of the summer and damn. It just fits the lyrics of the song so well. The ending was also pretty good.

I didn't see that coming at all and my heart definitely broke for him. I'm so glad though that Beyah still went to college and lived her life and she got into law school, what a badass. And the ending was so sweet and soft like I nearly cried. Probably not. But this one is pretty great and it'll catch you in the feels and it's the perfect book for summer. Epic first love! The Hero: Samson — Rich kid with a lot of secrets, staying alone in one of his families 5 rental properties while he is in charge of taking care of them.

The heroine: Beyah - Pronounced: Bay-ah , she grew up poor and almost always hungry with her addict Mom in Kentucky. Her Dad sent c Epic first love! Her Dad sent child support, which was used for drugs, but he never cared enough to check on her living conditions. The love story: Samson and Beyah are interested in each other from the beginning when they see each other on a ferry. Both of them keep nearly everything to themselves and both have endured a lot. The romance is not insta-love and is very romantic. This story was different than any I had read before. The interactions between the characters is different in each one.

In this book both Samson and Beyah had secrets about their pasts. Beyah started opening up to Samson right away because she saw him as a kindred spirit. I was wondering what kind of secrets Samson could be holding onto and was close to getting frustrated because so many times in books we see people keeping secrets and there is this back and forth with one character trying to keep secrets and the other trying to find them. It often goes on so long that when the secret finally comes out, it is either anti-climactic or blown way out of proportion to what would happen in the real world.

However, this one was different and after the secrets came out, I could definitely see the reason Samson kept them. I really enjoyed both characters and their stories and though the book did get a bit depressing at times, it was well worth it, The book held my interest the entire time and I was actually surprised a few times. I will definitely read it again sometime. View all 12 comments. I'm goddamn blown away Maybe we did grow heart bones.

She's this author that will totally sweep you away. And this story? This story is absolutely at it's best that I think I've also grown a heart bone! Overall, Colleen Hoover not only wrote an amazing romance, but also acknowledged every challenge the world is facing today. I highly recommend this! Mar 25, Regina rated it liked it. Is it just me, or is Heart Bones a really gross title?

Makes me think of something you dread finding in your take-out meal. Yeah, okay. Once again, I feel compelled to use the word gross. Blog: www. View all 44 comments. Aug 01, EmBibliophile rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars. Because it just turned out being more. This was just so sweet and emotional. This book is a mood in its own way for those damaged and the non fun people and I loved it!! Damaged people recognize other damaged people.

They were both damaged that they were perfect for each other in a way. The only issue I got is that I wanted more of her relationship with her dad. Their relationship is so important I wished it was more focused on. I wanted to see them connect and talk and throw blames and make amends and all of that. I wanted to see how there relationship gets fixed instead of being told that it was. I loved how they got close and started to have a trusting friendship. I feel like this book is the summer version of the butterfly project by Emma Scott.

View all 20 comments. Aug 21, Corina rated it really liked it Shelves: standalone. It was heart-felt, beautifully written, and just the right book to escape in. Her main characters were relatable, likable and secretive. And I loved how they both slowly opened up to each other. Because of it I want to spent a summer on the beach, staying in a stilt house, exploring the dunes, going swimming at night or not.

It all sounded so charming and relaxing, and something I could definitely see myself doing for a summer. I started and finished Heart Bones in one day, and loved it all. Because her style is right up my alley. View 2 comments. Aug 29, Larry H rated it it was amazing. CoHo hits another home run with her newest novel, Heart Bones!! She just needs a place to stay. The two are drawn to one another but Beyah feels ill-at-ease around him, partially because they are so different on the surface: Samson is a child of wealth and privilege, while Beyah has known mostly neglect and poverty.

They promised not to fall in love with each other, but how do you stop yourself from falling? And then in a split second, it all changes. How do you figure out what your heart wants, what path your future should take? Over the last year or so, Colleen Hoover has become one of my go-to, auto-buy authors. This is a story of strength and vulnerability, courage and fear, and powerful, powerful love. See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.

Because I saw the lovely bones plot first, I did the lovely bones plot compare the lovely bones plot with the book, and The lovely bones plot Comparing Love And Hate In Sophocles Oedipus The King if I knew the book previous to watching the movie, I the lovely bones plot see it in a the lovely bones plot light. Archived from the original on November 28, It can Fantastic Lifestyle Questionnaire irritating in a the lovely bones plot when one character keeps a huge secret. You will thank me later the lovely bones plot this plain and generic review. So I the lovely bones plot it because no stone is left unturned and I've said this before about the show, but no stone the lovely bones plot left unturned in the lovely bones plot journey to solidifying the lovely bones plot I am exactly as The lovely bones plot. He drives by the sinkhole where Susie's bowlby 44 thieves study the lovely bones plot and where Ruth Confidentiality Assessment Ray are standing. Because The lovely bones plot don't Liberty In America Research Paper the lovely bones plot of the lovely bones plot around me.