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Self Harm Affects A Persons Life

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Treatment for Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Intrusive thoughts and recollections of the trauma and being on edge combine, producing difficulty concentrating, intense negative emotions, and complications interacting with others. PTSD can have a negative impact on your mental health, physical health, work, and relationships. People with PTSD miss more days at work and work less efficiently. Certain symptoms of PTSD, such as difficulties concentrating and problems sleeping, may make it hard for you to pay attention at work, stay organized, or make it to work on time.

Likewise, people with PTSD often have problems at school and are less likely to make it through high school or college. Partners of people with the condition may be faced with a number of stressors that go along with caring for and living with someone with a chronic disease. These can have a major negative impact on a relationship. Social isolation is common with PTSD. You feel different from other people and can have problems communicating with and interacting with others.

You can find it difficult to trust other people. It is hard to create or maintain relationships. If you have PTSD you are at much greater risk of developing a number of other mental health disorders, including anxiety disorders, depression, and eating disorders. Research has found that people suffering with PTSD are about six times as likely as someone without PTSD to develop depression and about five times as likely to develop another anxiety disorder.

High rates of deliberate self-harm have also been found among people with PTSD. Studies show PTSD sufferers are at greater risk of developing substance use disorders in an attempt to calm their anxiety, which only exacerbates the problem. Having PTSD also appears to raise risks for other unhealthy behaviors for example, smoking, lack of exercise, and increased alcohol use which may further increase the possibility of physical health problems. In addition to mental health problems and addiction, having PTSD seems to raise the risk of physical health problems, including pain, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, respiratory problems, and even sexual dysfunction.

PTSD is complicated, with dangerous physical and psychological consequences if not treated properly. Get help. A good assessment and an accurate diagnosis is your first step in treating PTSD. Getting the right specialist to implement the best-fitting treatment for your particular situation and symptoms is key. Students' Union. Speak to a Student Make a Course Enquiry. Accommodation How do I apply? WLV On Demand. Apply Overview. How to Apply Find the right course for you Check the entry requirements Making your application After you've applied Decisions we make on your application What happens next? Get Set. Support and Advice at the Gateway Contact the Gateway. How to Accept Your Offer. Clearing Pre-register for Clearing. Research Overview. Research Degrees PhDs.

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