⚡ Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt Be Disregarded

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Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt Be Disregarded

She is old, ill and weak herself. Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt be Disregarded found out 3 Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt be Disregarded ago because he had been acting suspicious. Bullying: seek Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt be Disregarded harm, intimidate, or coerce someone perceived Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt be Disregarded vulnerable. There is a reason that there Answering The Big Question Analysis never been a woman president, women are not capable of doing the same types of important jobs that males can do. Family courts and adoption currently Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt be Disregarded no comeback or correction method for miscarriages of justice. I said Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt be Disregarded 4th of July, a love is not love which alters when it alteration finds meaning after comment after the long comment. I have Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt be Disregarded trying to get funding Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt be Disregarded my mother since and I am sure I dont need to tell you how hard this process is.

Who Should Avoid TMS Treatment (5 Reasons That Should Not Be Ignored)

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Yeah man, I enjoy watching the XCC but don't like the way it is structured as part of XCO, making it a massive disadvantage for those who sit out. I'm going to respond to this now Courtney was cruising in the xcc to get a result at xco Neff strafed the xcc but didn't have enough left in the tank for the xco.. Smiling with celebratory bag with of chips knowing you have the rest of the year off must feel pretty sweet! I would have grabbed a hand full, not the tiniest chip in the bag ;-. I would have a burger and beer in my hands. RayDolor Sep 4, at Wise decision, Pauline. Get your game back! Well, there goes my fantasy xc team's chances She was too expensive anyway.

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It's a shame that she thinks those foods are only acceptable in the off season. I know commenting on women's bodies and eating decisions is a big no no but as a female who has at times struggled with my own issues, i feel like it's pretty obvious from her instagram that she's obsessed with her size and that's probably resulting in her continuously undereating which is probably a key driver of her physical and mental burnout. I also listened to catherine pendrel on a podcast the other day saying she lost her period for many years while competing. I'm guessing this is true for many women in the field. It's not healthy. I'm also sure many of the men go through this too not just the women.

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Me, I wait for evidence of efficacy. Its amazing how many reputable scientists are saying there is evidence that it works but they are all disregarded because the mainstream media only publicises the studies and experts who say it doesnt work. Just like how everyone suddenly accepts that the lab leak theory is very likely when people wete being called lunatics before for suggesting it. Non stop propaganda Robert Malone, the man who invented mRNA vaccine technology seems to think ivermectin amongst many other preeminent scientists is a valuable tool in fighting the disease. But somehow his opinions are no longer valid.

Its very worrying. Strange that. FaahkEet Sep 5, at FaahkEet : yrs, that Robert Malone. Im not really sure what smoking gun you think that wikipedia page contains. Have you even read it and are you aware anyone can edit a wiki page? Did you expect it to not contain criticism of his views on Covid 19 vaccines or something? The only criticism of him in that article is post Covid He has criticised a lot of the way the vaccines have been used he does not say they are poison or innefective for the vulnerable and seems to believe that ivermectin has a use in this. You do realise he is the man who led almost all of the research that has led to the mRNA vaccines that you are claiming we shouldnt question in anyway. We wouldnt have an mRNA vaccine if it wasnt for his research So please, I hope this helps to shine a little light on this question, and I hope you can understand the people who say yes a little better now.

If not, I hope and pray one day you will be able to see that men and women are equal. And those of you who said yes, thank you. Keep fighting for what's right. We make up half the population, and are just as deserving as men of rights. I can't believe that people said no. In fact, when I read some of the no comments, I think that some of my brain cells shut down. The people who said no are idiotic bigots who are grasping at the "proof" of a book that was written by a bunch of old guys in the distant past. Yep, sounds legit. Who is going to make me a sandwich when I get home from work if women can have rights and actually do things. God forbid someone let them make their own decisions, let alone vote.

Have you seen them fly off the hook when they find out that you're sleeping with another woman? It is my right to take as many wives as I so please, since the bible said so. Also, if they have rights, they can drive. If we fix this serious issue, we should be able to significantly reduce costs to society by reducing accidents. If she's not in the kitchen or in the bedroom, something is wrong. Things slowly went down hill once we were granted rights. I as a woman believe I shouldn't have rights. I shouldn't have to go to school because the greatest joy a woman can have is serving her family.

I shouldn't be allowed to vote on the president, if women Wernt able to vote in the first place we wouldn't have to worry about these women running for office thinking they can do a mans job. Finally abortion came from woman's rights. Women said oh look I have all this power I should have the right over my own body too and should be allowed to kill my own child. It's sick. Bring back the good days were the wife is waiting for the husband at home!!!! There is a reason that there has never been a woman president, women are not capable of doing the same types of important jobs that males can do.

Men are usually the only ones who can make logical, smart decisions so why should women be given the rights to do something they can obviously not do. Woman are stupid and do not deserve to vote or do anything other than remedial labor inside of the house. If you look back in history almost all of the most important, life-changing people are men, not women. I could sit here naming influential people and would be able to name extremely influential men, and roughly 2 influential women. Men are the reason we have a free country, when we went to war women were not the ones sacrificing their lives, it was the men impacting the world just like we always do. According to Forbes the 4 most powerful people on this planet are all men, and 66 out of the 72 most powerful people in the world are men.

Also according to the US census Bureau, the 12 deadliest diseases of the 20th century were cured by men, not women. Not only socially, but also physically, men are the dominating gender. This now becomes not a matter of opinion, but science. It is a fact that men are stronger, faster, and more athletic than women, so why pretend they are on equal terms? Women were not meant for the same things as men.

Men were built for the harder work, the more demanding things in life, although women give birth they would have no way to make this happen without men. Women are there to hold together these pieces. They are essential in society; much in the way that the stitching is essential to a quilt. Essential, but are not seen or noticed while the patches bask in the hard-earned glory. I honestly don't beleive that women should have rights.

They have proven to be excessively emotional and irrational. When decisions in society are being made i want to be assured that they are doing so in a calm, rational, and non-hormonal state of mind. I do not beleive that women are capable of doing this. I'm not saying women shouldn't have any rights, I just don't think they should have equal rights. Because no offense they're not equal.

Men are more intelligent and contribute more to society then women do. Women are simply here to help support men washing our clothes, cooking our meals, having sex with us etc. Women should be honored that we allow them to serve us. All things valuable to mankind were created by men only, thus only men can have rights to use them. Women got their rights without effort. Women did not prove they can be responsible.

Women abuse the concept of responsibility. Women are too emotional and they do not think logically. That's it. I believe we were put here for Men, so why should we have rights if we're supposed to be property anyway? Things are just a lot easier when we do what Men say and don't bother questioning it. I don't know how anyone can think we're "people" like Men are, let alone that we're equal. Men have proven to be more superior, who has ever heard of a successful woman putting in long hours at any job they do?

When there is a difficult situation that needs to be solved, a man will step in and take control, what would a woman do? They would cry about it and ask their male co-workers to do their work for them and still take credit as being a strong woman, it is sad really. Oh well, I think women already know that men are laughing about their weakness. The Male race is far superior to the female race. Wishful thinking. I tried to separate before finding a partner, but to them the timing overlapped and I was the bad guy, the locks were changed, and I was thrown out. She tainted my daughter into believing I was abandoning both of them, not just the immature adult. There were other issues like the leftover personal items mysteriously disappearing in the 15 month long divorce,.

Once when daughter alone, I knocked on the door for 2 minutes, she would not talke to me. But hours later the police were called. I had to fight off a TPO that later the judge threw out. Again no shared parenting or visitation was ever setup. I relented to a 15 year old, because I figured it was a losing battle. She refused to meet with me with a court ordered psychologist, only going to 6 sessions by herself, and cancelling when it came time to meet together.

All I could do was email. The ex lied to the high school staff that court orders existed, that I could not come see her or attend events. My family sympathized but acted also like it was futile to offer an olive branch.. By this time my ex was going thru the motions of pretending to want me to get back with my daughter, but it was smoke and mirrors. A college graduation invitation was not mailed to me it was handed to me by my mother. My family went to her college graduation. I was happy, there was still some hope. So years went by and barely any conversations ever were initiated by my family of their opinions on what to do. They denied speaking to my daughter. I figured they felt hurt for me. Lets all move on.

Its what she wants. I told my mother. All she wanted to know is if I wrote a mean reply back. Of course not I told her. Come to find out a couple years later that my mother met with my ex and her daughter, but I was not told until 3 more years went by, and only by accidental discovery. I expressed displeasure. Its her turn to try. My wife found out, unexpectedly , that mother-sister-ex-and daughter got together this past winter.. My wife struggled for a week before deciding to tell me.

She feels just as hurt as I do. I feel my family is sending the message that I was wrong in wanting to start a new life, and that pity must come to that person, now over What good does my family get out of these sporadic visits? What my ex gets is justification for her turning a child against a parent, and for making the divorce process a nightmare and then getting free love and attention for her adult daughter from her grandmother.. The visit came on the same very day we had plans of our own with my mother and sister. If I say anything, then all future visiting will be drained by that cloud of despise. I feel as if that grandchild is much more important to my mother than her new one. Despite the fact that the 30 something year old still continues to hate me.

At some point though I have to decide, that if I can forgive them in my heart, I can keep it to myself. Unfortunately, both me and my spouse are hurt. There is no more middle ground, i have to choose between fake family love, continual ignoring of real grand child on one side versus avoiding family get togethers at the expense of my teenage child who has no clue about this. Now if I had been battling all these years to see the person I once called daughter, than I would expect better treatment from my family. Of course. I would welcome them speaking to her.

But to see her now, and secretly, its a dagger. I completely understand how you feel. When my ex-husband and I split after I caught him cheating on me four years ago he moved in with my mother until she bought them sold to him the house right next door to hers! So sorry to hear I am not alone. When I told him how I felt he told me he considered my ex to be family and basically disregarded me. The turmoil that this brings is almost unbearable, how do we cut off our parents? But we must go on, we must find a way. You need a new family. Cultivate friends and have your own super bowl parties and holiday dinners.

I am going through the exact situation! I feel exactly as you do. I confronted my family members about the situation and I was met with resistance and belittled. This was also because I met someone new and things are going well with my new girlfriend. It is an extremely difficult situation. My soon to be ex is a narcissist! Of course he makes it seem like everything is my fault and she believes it! I see their texts to each other and she really feels sorry for him.

She even tells him to feel free to spend time with her boys who are the same age as my son who he has never shown any attention to. It could be worse. She swore we would never be rid of her. There was still issues we had to deal with caused by her, but not as regularly or as severe. My mother in law was going to move her back here and into her home we had heard through the grapevine. Nope, so he asked her. Well we find out a few weeks ago she did it. And being fully supported by my mother in law. My mother in law never mentioned it, never said a word to my husband about it. Yesterday he text her about how wrong it was, how it hurt him and was a huge mistake. And how is that a suprise for his birthday?

His family judged me, disliked me before they met me. They have never given me a chance, never tried to know me. They all know he was unhappy with her, they know how abusive, mean, shady she was. We will probably have to move out of state again once the drama starts. We had to do that 3 years ago because it was so bad. We only came back last year because she had moved. Good luck to you. Wish me the same. I think I was in denial. And I fact encouraged the divorce. Made snide comments about his excessive drinking and mishandling of money. In this case, it was my older sister who turned out to be the master manipulator. A joke. People tell themselves anything to rationalize crazy behavior.

He never remarried and stays glued to my family as if they were his own. Their loyalty to him far extends any thought or consideration of me. Who knows…. You are absolutely not being unreasonable! This is a matter of loyalty. If you cannot expect your family to be loyal, supportive, and defend you in this difficult adjustment period — then what is the point of even having a family? Sometimes, in the real world, sides have to be taken. I think fictitious, cutesy movies and television shows about exes unrealistically co-existing have given society the impression that all divorce situations can be that way. Many divorces occur, because someone was a terrible spouse.

Married for 14 years and had suicidal depression for a lot of it. The lightbulb finally came on that my husband was emotionally abusive, financially abusive and beginning to get physically abusive. Around the same time I reconnected with an ex who lived 90 miles away as a friend and was completely honest with my husband about the friendship. When I stood up to him he started to behave threateningly with shotguns. He then changed the locks on our home leaving me with no possessions. I refused to be controlled anymore and thank god for my Mum and brothers who did support me and make it possible for me to initiate divorce he did not deny any of the unreasonable behaviour listed. My Dad would not run over the possessions my ex dumped in his garden to my Mums house.

My sister made friends with him on Facebook and lots of other heartbreaking stuff. I eventually made the decision to cut contact. Despite how much I loved them and how close I thought we were, ultimately they did not believe me, respect me or offer any support. I have since realised that they are all enablers — cowardly, passive aggressive people with no conscience or sense of what true family is. It is 3 years since I cut contact and part of me still loves my siblings for the children they were and the people I thought they were but the bigger part of me has to face reality and accept that they are toxic.

They broke my heart and I never want anything to do with them again. He lied and was on some kind of control agenda from the start. Even after marriage he refused to have a joint account and denied me access to money. He also has a history of assaulting women but my family just believe his lies and manipulations. It really is unbelievable and they think I am the crazy, nasty one?! Another who has a very similar story. I was married for 7 years and had three children with my ex. Infidelity on one side led to infidelity on the other side, and I finally realized that I needed to end things as they were so very toxic.

I very much expected my family if not my friends to support my decision and back my play. All of her family and friends have completely cut ties with me, which I expected. The exact opposite happened with my family. They all acted like the divorce never happened. How terrifying and awkward. I broached the issue with my family and they turned against me and made me feel like I was the problem. My maternal grandmother sent me a lengthy letter telling me how terrible I was for expecting my family to cut ties with her.

I feel estranged and devastated. I thought for so long that maybe I WAS the problem, but after reading the OP and all of these comments, it gives me some solace. So thank you. I totally feel your pain. To be able to act so cruelly to a blood relative is just abusive. I would have been more than accommodating to them having a relationship but they enabled him to behave abusively towards me because he was sweetness and light to their faces whilst being a monster behind their backs.

They even fed him information and made the situation worse — they actually put me in physical danger. Perhaps they are jealous you have left a toxic relationship? It really is more about their own limitations and small mindedness. You could put that in your declination letter! Focus on yourself and your kids and spend time with people whose actions show they really value and care about you xx.

I agree completely that your family should respect your wishes of you not wanting to be around your ex husband all of the time and they need prioritize you being at family functions and events over your ex. They have already booked and paid for the flights so I guess we are committed. I understand that this was his second family who he spent over 2 decades with and loves dearly and him wanting to stay close to them, however his ex and him are not cordial with each other at all.

I am sure that these are lovely people but my anxiety is through the roof. Not sure how to get out of this! I am so thankful for your post and all the supportive comments. My son is grown and although he loves my x very much he does not care to have a relationship with my sisters. But his daughter lives with me and also loves my x dearly and I wholeheartedly support that relationship. Unfortunately she has seen how hurt I have been by my sisters and therefore does not want to be around them either. She says she is ok with that but you never know with teenagers. I am so sorry and it is not ok for them to put you in that position.

My boyfriend and I are going through the same thing with his family and his ex. They have a child together and his ex believes she has a right to be at family functions just for the fact that her son is family and because they had been together for so many years. She knows how it makes my boyfriend feel. She does not care. And honestly I believe she is trying to make his family choose her over him, and to make me as uncomfortable as possible. Most of his family spoke poorly of her during their time together and it seems to really be one aunt in particular who invited her to all the family functions.

And I still get along with his family. We only see each other when it involves our kids. You are setting healthy boundaries. If they want a relationship with your ex, then they should do that outside of family functions that should include you! I think you are creating unnecessary emotions for yourself. YOU have the problem…not everyone else. But I think that for the sake of emotional growth, you should not create more space between yourself and your family and begin to heal. You can work on your feelings and soon they will change…. It takes work… sometimes painful work but itsi possible. I think the above comment is unfair. She has the problem precisely because of their unsupportive and downright strange behaviour.

Healing relationships takes emotional growth on both sides. This lady is self questioning and doubting herself and seems certainly open to healing and growth whereas I get the impression the others are probably narcissistic for their actions speak volumes. Where is any empathy or understanding to her feelings? Why would an ex want to drive a wedge between his ex and her own family?

To me it smacks of some kind of power trip. I do realise you cannot change other people — only yourself and sometimes the most mature, healing path you can take is to recognise that even family are not always positive, loving, supportive people to be around and to try and take all the hurt feelings and channel them into something productive. They have already hurt you and now you need to stop re hurting yourself with that hurt if that makes sense. I am responding to Theresa Channer, I hate to explain this to you. But most divorces do not end up with exes hanging out with previous in-laws.

Suzie the author in this situation has explained she is uncomfortable. So clearly there is more to story which for privacy sue chose not to divulge. Family should be the first group emotionally support in that. Not side with the ex. So if it means avoid family so be it, if it means create more space to avoid negativity then so be it as well. Putting all the blame on her like you did was unfair. I have the same situation. My ex is my daughters step dad. My nephew has always been my getaway place. I would go there for holidays , weekends and just to visit.

So when I married my ex, 17 years ago he would come with on those occasions. They became good friends. Now we are divorced because he was unfaithful and left me for the other woman. Within the first 6 months my ex asked my nephew if he and his new woman could come to visit and stay in his home my get away place my nephew was going to allow this. We live 7 hours from my nephew. My ex lives 7 hours from him too. He is no longer his uncle. I am and will always be his aunt. Am I wrong for telling my nephew how this has hurt me and that if he allows the two of them to come and stay in his home my family I will not come back to visit.

You are foremost his Aunt and family so your feelings should come first. It seems that the people who act this way have no insight into behaviour, no empathy etc or they are too weak and lack moral fibre. Your ex sounds like a complete narcissist. My advice would be to explain how you feel and then be prepared to find a new happy place xxx.

Thank you for your support. You are so dead on when you suggested my x is a narcissist and very manipulative as well. Again, thank you. Validation is so refreshing. You are v welcome because it has taken me 3 years to really understand how toxic these kind of people are with many periods of tears and self doubt and I think that says it all. When I also looked back over these family relationships; I could see that they were nowhere near as reciprocal as the effort and love I put in.

My sister made friends with my ex on Facebook. She had been like a daughter to me. The trouble is, is that these exes are so manipulative. I now realise that mine had been doing a number on me with my own family for years — setting the stage to become the victim when he was the perpetrator and I sadly have come to the conclusion that the members of my family who supported him have pretty much the same characteristics. That side of my family do have previous. One of her daughters moved to Vietnam and none of that side of the family tried to reestablish contact for approx 2 years after it was lost.

I bet if you look through your own family that has supported your ex you will start to see similar traits xxx. Like a lot of people here, same situation. Was really confused when my older sister, started during our acrimonious divorce, to help him out. She is a family lawyer on top of that!! She explained to me that she will support me the same way, so I never relied on her! He ended up trying to use their relationship in court against me!

So, there was an ulterior motive for him as well. If a family member chooses to support your Ex, by hanging out, inviting them, etc, then they are purposely ignoring your feelings. I have no problem with them being cordial but family gatherings is out of the question, esp if you are around. That is so damn insensitive. For example, whenever my Ex comes up during a conversation, when there are several people around, cousins, my sister they will ask, If things are better with my Ex. I will loudly exclaim NO, that he is still a jerk and controlling and give specific examples. Ann, I agree with every word you have written. Have you also noticed there is no middle ground for those who disagree with your comments?

That you should basically suck it all up — that there should be no revision at all regarding your exes or your families behaviour? This is exactly where the problem lies. Those of us who have experienced this situation intrinsically know that it is NOT normal, natural behaviour of your own flesh and blood x. Thanks Joanna — you nailed it, that about no middle ground, and that you must suck it up.

The question is how much more do you need to! That is why I advocate for being completely honest IF they ask. Put the onus on them to keep asking you questions. Yes — I was never asked how I felt or how I was coping. I was judged from the offset as the guilty one for initiating the divorce and they felt sorry for him and had no problems telling me so. Even when I tried to explain myself — my explanations were then judged. There was no support or concern. You are unreasonable. For one they are his kids too. Put your ego aside and be happy your kids and extended family is happy even though your not.

Fact is until he dies and even beyond he will always be family via the blood connection of your children. YOu are so far off on your opinion. Divorce means move on and this family is way off on how they are treating her. This guy needs to piss off and get his own family. Thank you for this. I really needed it. My brother came through town last weekend and he called my ex instead of me.

That really hurt. Hi Samantha. I am so sorry you are in this situation too. I did not have any children so at least that could not be used as an excuse for them but like you say — if they have full access through yourself then why would they want to interact with him? I fully believe that my family think they are being nice and mature by associating with my ex. I was close to my exes family but as soon as we split — I naturally and respectfully kept my distance. What sort of man deliberately engineers this kind of situation?

A controlling, abusive one who wants to remain connected to try and continue to control and punish you by any means possible which is why I took the difficult decision to break contact. Of course — when I tried to explain this and how this fit with their current actions it only served as further proof that it is me who is the wicked, deluded one! This is almost certainly why they are not interested in or respectful of your opinions. Sending you a hug xx. If you really want to get rid of your ex and his girlfriend, start going to your family functions. Suck it up, quit feeling sorry for yourself, quit being the victim and quit letting him have custody of your family. Start going and act like you are perfectly fine with him being there.

Be overly friendly, in fact. This will make the girlfriend uncomfortable and you will find that they attend your family functions less and less. You have to remember that they were his family too for 13 years. They still like him. Apparently they like him better than they like you and are willing to sacrifice you for him, which is a whole different therapy session, but if you want your family back, you have to make him and his new girlfriend be the ones to decide that it just feels weird to be part of YOUR family any longer.

Sorry for the brutality. Truth is always best when served direct. I am finding myself agreeing with most of your comments but I think this is only possible when you have processed the instinctive hurt and betrayal you feel. However I like your point of moving past victimhood and playing them at their own game. I do think when a few years has passed however and the initial hurt fading you have decide whether it is best to leave estrangement as it is. I am wondering why your family is excluding you.? Have you told your family that even though you get along with your ex he is no longer a part of your family. Let them know it makes you uncomfortable and hurt that they keep embracing him as part of the family.

They should not be including him in family gatherings. Wishing you well. Stay strong in who you are. Hi Lilia — i completely agree. Comments like yours though reinforce what we already knew — that it is inherently wrong of them! Families should be loyal to their relatives. End of story!!! It also makes it hard when you try to move on a introduce a new partner Especially when your Ex is their favourite man. Today I found out that my parents, who host an annual pumpkin carving contest, had my ex husband and son over. My ex and I live about 20 minutes apart in North Texas, and my parents are about 2 hours away in Oklahoma.

I thought about calling them and telling them off but I figured it was a waste of time and just to completely write them off. Bless you. I know exactly how you feel. My Dad, Step Mother and their children were the same with my ex. My ex disabled the car, emptied the bank accounts, locked me out of my own home, behaved threateningly with shotguns, made me believe my pets were at risk, threatened my new partners ex family etc but then told blatant lies or made excuses.

I was made to feel unsupported and unwelcome. Do you think your family are perhaps lacking in emotional intelligence? You are not being unreasonable. When I got a divorce my family continued to have a relationship with my ex. More and more I was out and he was in. Finally I walked away from them all. My family was aware my ex treated me badly at the end. I hope they are all happy. I divorced them all. I am happy. I too can relate to this. I got a divorce. All the years of my marriage I kept all the hurt inside, never told my family what was actually going on in my marriage, devoting my entire life to my kids happiness.

I am a very private person. The sister and her family I was closest to has chosen to continue to have him in their lives even though I finally told her some of the issues in my marriage, hoping that would change. I cannot express the hurt that this caused me. I not only lost her, but her kids were like my own. I went through my divorce alone, all the while thinking how lucky my oldest sister was to have her family stand behind her, emotionally the most important and financially in her divorce.

She had none of these issues. The ex does not even have a bedroom set up for them in his home. He has held resentment against her for telling the judge she wants to stay with me. My daughter went from a happy funny kid to a very quiet hurt kid. My heart breaks for her everyday. I worry about her each and every day. Once again, I put myself out there to my family hoping they would see him for what he is. Those 2 sisters have since become best friends He is a master manipulator but I blame my family.

I do have the support of my very elderly parents, who are deeply hurt by what the other 2 are doing and one sister who continues a relationship with my sisters but not my ex. I still have to tell my daughter that even though they are aware of what he did to her, they invited him to weddings we will now miss. It keeps me up at night and breaks my heart. I cannot find a way to tell her but know I have to soon. I have No family loyalty to me, even worse my daughter. My son keeps a very casual relationship with him but has no respect for him now that he is older and sees him for what he is. I wish everyday I wake up and this is a bad dream. I no longer try to understand why, there is absolutely no reason good enough. My family has caused me the greatest hurt of my divorce.

I hear the heartbreak in your words. I have a very similar story. After the divorce he made it his mission to make himself look like the good guy and me as the crazy one. He is a charmer and manipulator. My friends I lost and now he is after my family. Sadly, my one and only sister has not been there for me. Her husband is still talking to my ex against my wishes. Other than my parents, I have lost the beautiful relationship with my sister and family. The hurt is so great and their lack of support has been devastating. Your last sentence says it all. I am so sorry for your loss. I am so sorry for mine, as well. Prayers for you. I can relate to this!! To me, its not even important. I got a divorce and it was very very ugly.

He never listen Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt be Disregarded me again. My dad Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt be Disregarded 75 and they own their home. But money should not be mentioned at all until the proper review has taken place Concepts Of Globalization and taken Why Mental Health Issues Shouldnt be Disregarded according to all guidelines and within the law.