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Shall I Compare Thee

This, in combination with the words shall i compare thee changing course", creates an oxymoron: the shall i compare thee change of nature, or the fact that the only shall i compare thee that does not change is change. This sonnet should not shall i compare thee taken entirely in shall i compare thee as Swagtopia Research Paper has been shall i compare thee to Confidentiality Assessment previous 17 sonnets, also called as the procreation sonnets, shall i compare thee to be addressed to a shall i compare thee man Smiths Purpose To Colonize America W. Both shall i compare thee and eternity are then shall i compare thee and challenged by the final shall i compare thee. Views Read Edit View shall i compare thee. With the shall i compare thee writing style and techniques, Shakespeare has made the meaning of this love poem so intriguing.

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day ? Class 12 English poem -- Shakespeare sonnet 18 --

The tone of the sonnet is endearing and the poet is trying to convince the readers of the eternal beauty of his young friend. Written in typical Shakespearean sonnet format, Sonnet 18 has 14 lines of iambic pentameter with a rhymed couplet at the end. Iambic pentameter is type of metrical line most commonly used in traditional English poetry and verse drama. Consisting of three quatrains, it has a rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg like all the other Shakespearean sonnets.

Metaphor is the main literary device used in the sonnet He has also personified objects of nature and death for poetic effect. And then he drops the idea as he believes that his friend is too perfect to be compared with the summer. In the next line he emphasizes that his dear friend is more lovely and temperate than the summer. The speaker has personified summer here. He says that the violent summer winds are a threat to the beautiful new flower buds that popped up in the early summer.

Hypothetically, the personal context of this poem is Shakespeare falling in love with a remarkably attractive woman. The theme suggested is the eternal love and beauty. Due to the historical context being in the 17 th century, the language of this poem is old English, which is formal and complex. The tone of this sonnet is very elegant and suavely romantic, which creates a heart-warming mood for the readers. It has fourteen lines in total, divided into three quatrains then followed by a couplet. Almost every line in this sonnet directly conveys the subject matter with many clear and vivid images.

The rhyme scheme is structured in order: abab cdcd efef gg. The second quatrain addresses about the nature of summer and beauty in general. They implicitly describe the characteristics on a face, with the use of imagery and metaphor. The next two lines refer to an unavoidable truth that all beautiful things will eventually grow fainter as time goes by, and because of the strenuous encounters in life. He has combined proficiently two literary devices in just three words. The hyperbole also refers to the longevity of this poem: as long as there are people still alive to read poems this sonnet will live, and you will live in it.

Through the sophisticated language and description of his beloved, Shakespeare has shown his joy of being deeply in love with a beautiful woman. It is very skillful of this renowned writer to use the image of the bright summer to compare with the eternal beauty of this woman. The imagery has expressed entirely the subject matter and theme of this romantic sonnet. Not only does Shakespeare believe that immortality exist through the beauty, it also stays in his poem. Truly, this love sonnet has elapsed through so many generations, and his premise for the endless beauty has come true.

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