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Dressing For Success

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Roxette - Dressed For Success (Live In Barcelona 2001)

A "panting Husky" decal will be affixed to the hip area of the pants and on the side of the gold helmet. The Huskies have experimented with the aforementioned full-block colors of white, black and purple and various combinations of purple and other colors, but most fans prefer the traditional purple and gold look. It's always been felt that the best teams such as USC, Ohio State, Alabama and Texas, to name a few, don't mess around too much with the look. Husky Legends. Football Schedule. Basketball Schedule. SI TIX.

The supreme and sweeping reversal of that point half-time deficit in the Munster final against Tipperary evaporated any thoughts that they might have slipped. I would say you would be surprised if you were a fly on the wall to see how calm it was. Hannon is a comfortable presence in front of microphones and has that laid-back authority that makes him obvious captain material.

He nods in reference to the John Kiely speech in the wake of the All-Ireland when he expressed the wish that the group would make more of this opportunity. Again it comes back to us focusing on ourselves and getting the best out of ourselves. But this group in fairness want to at least compete every year and see where that takes us. If Limerick defend their title against Cork on Sunday, it will bring Hannon into august company in the record books. The most important thing is what happens inside the four while lines and getting to the pitch in the best possible shape you can and doing your bit for the team.

Whatever happens afterwards is for people outside to talk about and I am sure friends and family will be on about it, but from my point of view it just just about getting a performance on the day. Please update your payment details to keep enjoying your Irish Times subscription. Declan Hannon happy Limerick showing no signs of losing hunger for success Captain admits dressingroom was calm despite being 10 points down to Tipperary Fri, Aug 20, , Updated: Fri, Aug 20, , Keith Duggan.

More from The Irish Times Rugby. Commenting on The Irish Times has changed. To comment you must now be an Irish Times subscriber. The account details entered are not currently associated with an Irish Times subscription. Please subscribe to sign in to comment. You should receive instructions for resetting your password. When you have reset your password, you can Sign In. It should be kept cold whenever it is not being eaten. Did you make this recipe? Leave a review. Method 2. Make your own mayonnaise with an immersion blender for the freshest, tastiest ranch.

Feeling like the best ranch around? Grab a tall glass jar and your immersion blender and get to work. To make you own mayo: Crack 1 room-temperature egg into the bottom of the jar Add 1 cup flavorful oil, usually avocado oil olive will work also, but may have a stronger taste Work your immersion blender into the mixture until you have a whipped, creamy texture. Continue making ranch like normal. Use a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise instead of straight mayo. There are a lot of different ways to create that creamy base, and you should play around with the options you like best.

Expand across your spice rack to develop new ranch flavors. While the basics of garlic, salt, pepper, and herbs will do, many chefs want a bit more variety when cooking. Top the final dressing with freshly chopped parsley and chives. You can add them with the dry ingredients for a stronger flavor, or just top the dressing with these aromatic herbs. Finally chopped fresh greens will give a refreshing burst of flavor to the dressing. Vary the amount of buttermilk, or other liquids, to thin the dressing out. If you like a lighter, thinner ranch dressing, add a little more liquid in.

This can be buttermilk, plain milk, or even a touch of water. For the adventurous chef, you could even try out a few more flavorful additions: White Vinegar, giving a bitter, tangy edge to the dressing Worcestershire Sauce, with a bit of bite Tabasco Sauce, to add some heat to the mix. Method 3. Start with a dairy-free mayonnaise or make your own. As illustrated above, a simple homemade mayo is easy if you have an immersion blender. Simply blend a room-temperature egg with 1 cup of oil usually avocado in a tall, thin jar. That said, you can also buy dairy-free mayo in most stores since most mayo is usually dairy-free! Add in your medley of herbs and spices.

This is going to be similar to a traditional ranch dressing, but you should still feel free to adjust and play with the ratios however you see fit. Add teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon. This will account for the light, tangy sourness of the buttermilk. Start with just 2 teaspoons, then add more to taste as you keep mixing. Thin to your desired consistency with coconut milk. You can't use milk or buttermilk, and water will dilute the taste too much. Coconut milk has a light sweetness to it that will mix will with the sour lemon and any spices you added, creating a delicious and well-balanced dressing.

Mix and chill for hours to blend the flavors. Again, you don't have to chill it before eating, but it will be much better if you do. Remember, as well, that there is a raw egg in this dressing. While it will not be dangerous to eat, the dressing will go bad within a week and should be kept refrigerated whenever you're not eating it. Lena Perkins. Since there are ingredients in ranch dressing that are more unhealthy than what you're using, it probably won't taste exactly the same. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. It should be usable up to a week, as long as you keep it in a sealed container.

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